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Donna Kato at Rock Paper Scissors

Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be...the love of polymer clay, the lovely lady who makes it seem so effortless, the love affair between fruit and chocolate...

I have just spent the most enjoyable weekend with the charming and talented Donna Kato. You heard me sister. Donna Kato was right here in Saint Charles at the Foundry Art Centre taking our collective breath away with her amazing creations and her generous sharing of secrets. OK - not secrets exactly, I mean I didn't get any juicy scuttlebutt on any of the election candidates, but I'll tell you what, there were lots of clay-ey things I didn't know and now I so happily do. We spent two glorious days learning and making - my favorite way to spend time.

I also had the privilege of hosting Donna in my home and I can say without reservation that she is the perfect house guest. Even though my normally serene house was nothing but bedlam and chaos and loud noise - and the dog wouldn't stop trying to eat her hand - and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth compliments of my three teenagers...Donna was heard to say that she hasn't slept so well in months. Either she is extremely gracious (and a big fat liar) or she was really, really tired. Hmmmmm. At any rate, I enjoyed having her stay with us immensely and I hope to have the opportunity again. Maybe when the children move out...and take the dog.

We had a pre-workshop soiree here at the store and as usual my friends went above and beyond the call of duty to make it happen. My most sincere thanks to my oh-so-loved friend Denise for many, many reasons not the least of which have to do with glass cleaner and impressive fortitude and also to my couldn't-do-without friend Irene Heisler who pulled together the food portion of our program and about 10 seconds flat - and made it seem as if she had spent 10 days. Also - thanks (with a bit of drool) to Teresa Holt for her chocolate covered strawberry contribution. I had a dream about them last night...

Donna, if you're reading, thank you so, so much for an unforgettable experience. You have inspired me to no end.


Paste Paper Party

By all accounts a good time
was had yesterday. Jeanne,Renea,
Bev,Fran,Nancy,Carol,Julie &
MaryBeth emerged from the workshop
with stacks of fabulous,gorgeous,luscious
FUN papers to use at will in their artful
Special thanks to Pat Brewer for leading
the festivities!

Call now to sign up for our
next RPSPPP on Sunday,Aug.17 at 10am