Three is a magic number...

Let me start by apologizing for the wordiness that will follow. Sorry.

I have three announcements and no photos.

First - Rock Paper Scissors is celebrating its 4th year in the biz (pause for cheering), and as such we would like to have a sale. Partly as a thank you to all of you fabulous people for being such steadfast patrons. And partly to clear out some of the current delightful products to make room for the new, even more delightful products (you know we have space issues...). So - Friday, October 9th and Saturday, October 10th will be sale days here at the shop. As it is our 4th year, you will be the recipient of one fourth off of your purchases on these days (that's 25% off for those of you who, like me, have discovered that they indeed are not smarter than a fifth grader).

Second - some of you may have noticed the "For Sale" sign on the porch at 833 South Main Street. I have had breathless (thank you stairs), panicked people insisting that I absolutely cannot close - life would lose all meaning if Cavallini paper were not available when the yen hits. Never fear, only the building is for sale. I will reference the aforementioned space issues and stairs as factors in the decision to look for greener pastures. We have our eye on a different building further down on Main Street. I don't want to jinx anything by blurting out the actual address (I don't know about the Midwest, but in New England when you run around blurting things out pell mell, jinxes ensue like nobody's business...) We'll keep you posted.

Third - as you all know there are never enough hours in the day, especially the days leading up to a jam packed holiday season. And so, I have made the somewhat selfish decision to change the business hours here at the shop. Beginning now, the hours will be as follows: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00-6:00. You may have noticed that Monday is conspicuously absent. Well, let's not say absent so much as rife with opportunity...for me...to get stuff done...that would be the selfish portion of the program. BUT - I will be open until 6:00pm now, so if you need to swing by after work, we'll be leaving the light on.