Paint your Town

We have stocked the cubbies with fabulous
new acrylic paints from KaiserCraft and Ranger

MaryBeth Shaw will be delighting us with her
paste paper techniques using the Kaiser Colours in her
upcoming workshop at Rock Paper Scissors....there are
still a few spots open on Friday,January 30th....
MaryBeth will also be leading an artful workshop using
Claudine Hellmuth's paint line by Ranger on February 7th...
don't hesitate to reserve a spot for this one!

Rock Paper Scissors & PAINT!

What's Upstairs?

The SALE table,that's what!

And more...like papier mache boxes,hundreds of 12 x 12 papers,
letterpress trinkets,dozens of sizes and colors of envelopes,pockets and
cards and plenty of atmosphere to inspire! Well worth a trip up those stairs!


The Front Room



I do love a good list. My husband teases me that I would neglect to put on my socks if it wasn't written down somewhere. And what better time to make a list than the start of a fresh new year? I think having goals keeps you headed in the right direction. Having said that, I will confess that achieving said goals has been somewhat elusive. But that's just it - we are filled with so many good ideas and resolutions every day - and the next day something or someone comes into our life and we have different ideas. The ones that stick are the ones that deserve our focus...not our stress, just some attention. So I write things down. And I revisit my lists from time to time to see how I'm doing. Sometimes they make me laugh and sometimes not, and very occasionally I get that oh-so-satisfying feeling of accomplishment. So by all means, make a list - get organized, try a new recipe each week, learn a new language - but if for some reason you don't realize that particular goal, be kind to yourself. There's always next year...


Plan B

First let me apologize to all of you who traveled to Rock Paper Scissors in the last few days only to find it mysteriously closed. We have been experiencing a series of unfortunate events that began with the complete, irretrievable loss of the C drive on the store computer (for those of you who are not members of the geek squad, this means all my inventory, software, and sales have gone to the nether regions - taking my sanity with them...) and progressed to a particularly virulent strain of stomach flu (I'll spare you the sordid details). We are still trying to work through some configuration problems on the computer but we have come up with Plan B.

So - Rock Paper Scissors will open again on Friday, January 2 at 10:30 and we will continue our 30% off sale through January 10th. On a purely selfish note - the less inventory I have the less I will have to re-enter...just saying.


Pictures for Martha

I was recently contacted by a dear friend that I haven't seen for ages. She asked me to forward some recent pictures of my family. Being the technically challenged person that I am, I have had to resort to posting them here on the journal. Feel free to avert your eyes and skip to the next post. Except you Martha. Here we are...

This was taken at my 40th birthday party!

Thomas - my fabulous husband

Chloe - the baby (about a year ago - she had just cut her own bangs...)

Madison - the one in the middle (with her friend Faith, and her boyfriend, Albert) taken at her 16th birthday celebration

Noah - the boy, on his way to Homecoming last year