I do love a good list. My husband teases me that I would neglect to put on my socks if it wasn't written down somewhere. And what better time to make a list than the start of a fresh new year? I think having goals keeps you headed in the right direction. Having said that, I will confess that achieving said goals has been somewhat elusive. But that's just it - we are filled with so many good ideas and resolutions every day - and the next day something or someone comes into our life and we have different ideas. The ones that stick are the ones that deserve our focus...not our stress, just some attention. So I write things down. And I revisit my lists from time to time to see how I'm doing. Sometimes they make me laugh and sometimes not, and very occasionally I get that oh-so-satisfying feeling of accomplishment. So by all means, make a list - get organized, try a new recipe each week, learn a new language - but if for some reason you don't realize that particular goal, be kind to yourself. There's always next year...

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