Here Goes...

I was informed that when the new Rock Paper Scissors website launched, the "What's New" blog would change to "The Shop Owner's Journal"...hmmmm.

Let me start by saying that I love reading people's blogs. I love that edited insight into their unique lives. I am especially happy when I read something that validates my own quirky thought process. However...as much as I wish and wish (and though I have a staggering collection of beautiful journals - some handmade by yours truly) - I am simply not a journal person. I have grandiose visions of my grandchildren avidly pouring through my many leather-bound tomes for sage wisdom - only I never actually put pen to paper (sorry kids).

OK - so know you know what we're dealing with.

I'm going to make an effort. I'm going to find batteries for my camera. I'm going to find my camera. I'm going to remember that I have just as many hours in the day as Einstein did (although clearly none of his precious time was spent on hair care and I am simply not willing to give up my much-needed sessions with my hairdresser). I'm going to be a kinder, gentler, wordier person.



firstborn studio said...


all we ask is a word or two!

we love you,we want to know what goes on in that fab noggin of yous!

your shopgirl

Heather's Haven said...

Corey! Woohoo! I'm excited to see what kind of artsy wisdom you will impart to us! You ROCK!