Clay Considerations

I recently had a meeting of the minds with clay afficianado Mary Quallo. The idea of a polymer clay guild has been bandied about periodically since I opened Rock Paper Scissors, but to date that is as far as its gone. Thank goodness there are take-charge gals like Mary in the world who do more than just envision the good times we'll all have in some hazy but glorious future after somebody got off their patoot long enough to actually implement a plan. Mary is on the job and I can say with complete confidence that there will be happy clay guilders doing marvelous things before you can say "I wonder what Sarah Shriver's schedule looks like." In the meantime, feast your eyes on this incredible necklace fashioned by Kathleen Dustin. I wonder if she's adopting.

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Secret Leaves said...

What beautiful "beads"! I would like each on separately as a sculpture. Especially the shell-like ones.